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what is hitbtc

This action will secure the cryptocurrency and make the blockchain impossible to counterfeit. The Evraz share price erupted by more than 40% this morning, but what was behind this growth? A great tool for anyone who wants to learn to trade the financial markets. is a completely independent comparison website covering all things crypto related.

In addition to this interview, the HitBTC team has also had the opportunity to speak with one of the bioinformatics researchers who contributes to this project, and ask her about the technical details of her work. This interview can also be found on the exchange’s blog. Businesses that accept certain cryptocurrencies as payment must report the taxes accordingly, like any other good or service. If the cryptocurrencies are traded in for other cryptocurrencies.

what is hitbtc

Not sure if this chat is more helpful than the support ticket, but there’s always a chance that fellow users or moderators will answer your question quicker there. HitBTC exchange complies to international anti-money laundering and KYC rules. HitBTC customer reviews differ on different platforms. Often it’s some mix of positive and negative information about the exchange. The next step is moving funds from your main account to a trading account. The action is quite intuitive, you just click on the blue arrow, specify the amount and click a “transfer” button.

Celsius Network’s Cel Token Gets Listed On Hitbtc Exchange

Information about the AUTO to BTC price is available here. This content is provided by an external author without editing by Finextra.

  • The gAsp’s core is built on PoW via scrypt mining and is designed for processing all of Aspire’s transactions onto one secure blockchain.
  • In other words, financial markets more in one direction only for a certain period and swing traders can use that to their own advantage.
  • By clicking Start trading, you agree to our Terms of Use.
  • One must be careful about the cryptocurrency exchange platforms used as well as their regulation.
  • The exchange has both FIX and REST API. RESTful API provides access to the market data, order book, and so on.
  • Yes, you can buy cryptocurrencies with your local currency, if supported.
  • It requires the use of the demo API keys and allows the practical learning of the use of the RESTful API.

Cases like these, which tend to be commercial rather than consumer or personal lawsuits, usually target large-scale corporate disputes valued at more than USD 10 million. Litigation financing is the practice of bringing in investors to cover the cost of a lawsuit or arbitration in exchange for a portion of the profit. Litigation financing specialists, such as Liti Capital, purchase litigation assets for cases they deem to have a high chance of winning. Please donate a little to help us serving you better.

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It brought with it several stock market hacks and a wave of DDoS attacks on Bitcoin sites. Facing these many risks, some countries have decided to ban or restrict the use of cryptocurrencies like in China or India for example. With cryptocurrencies, the volatility risk remains very strong especially because the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates, depending as it does on supply and demand. If the cryptocurrencies are used to purchase goods or services. In the UK, cryptocurrencies are not regarded as currencies but are rather considered as goods.

  • They also allow the trader to enter trades with fiat money for/against cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies.
  • HitBTC found a way to support Over-The-Counter trading while merging with Trusted Volumes, which is involved Over-The-Counter buying and selling that includes billions in dollars on an OTC trading desk.
  • ‘Convergence’ in MACD means that two MAs are coming together, while ‘divergence’ means that they’re pulling away.
  • Struggling to navigate or use an interface is frustrating, and there are few traders that have the patience for such complexity, and in all honesty, no one should have patience.
  • It’s important to point out that there are hard forks and soft forks.
  • And I don’t know, or now my documents do not walk somewhere on the darknet.

All transactions of digital assets created on Aspire will always confirm at least 4x faster than Bitcoin’s 10 minute block time. Founded in 2013, HitBTC is one of the oldest and largest spot-trading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


HitBTC supports the use of trading bots on their platform. The trade must be worth more than a hundred thousand dollars before an OTC trade can be permitted. The concept of Trusted Volumes is not a stranger on the platform. HitBTC found a way to support Over-The-Counter trading while merging with Trusted Volumes, which is involved Over-The-Counter buying and selling that includes billions in dollars on an OTC trading desk. This feature is one of the rarest provided by any platform. HitBTC makes it easy for very large transactions to go on safely on their platform.

what is hitbtc

Sectoral breakdown of the latest in business, stock markets and economy. Doge’s market cap is $41.61 billion, (£29.36 billion) with a volume of $4.43 million (£3.13 million). Another is called Bitconnect Trading and is run by a man who also operates a Bitcoin mining business. Firstly, because once on another exchange where I was verified, there was a leak of documents. And I don’t know, or now my documents do not walk somewhere on the darknet. Secondly, because after reading all the complaints and articles, I no longer have confidence in HitBTC. The team at hubii have thanked HitBTC for the ongoing recognition of the hard work that their team has put in.

Hitbtc Account Opening

Struggling to navigate or use an interface is frustrating, and there are few traders that have the patience for such complexity, and in all honesty, no one should have patience. An easy to use interface is another golden thing about the HitBTC platform. The customers are very satisfied with the ease of handling cryptocurrency is their business. If they need help with anything, it is hardly ever related to the navigation of the interface. With the number of positive reviews on the user interface of the exchange platform, they can brag about being one of the best. HitBTC provides round the clock customer support for their customers.

what is hitbtc

The more the volume of the transaction increases, the lesser the fee for that same transaction. For this reason and more, there is no limit to the number of financial assets that can be deposited on the platform, neither is there any limit on the quantity that can be withdrawn. In the early days of cryptocurrencies, most platforms were not interested in digital currencies what is hitbtc that were not Bitcoin. It would seem as though to them, there was no potential for the altcoins. HitBTC, from its inception, had always believed in altcoins. They were open to the possibility of more of these currencies being added to tradable currency pairs, and they predicted that more members of the financial community would be interested in these altcoins.

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Remarkably, the price of Bitconnect has started to buoy up after its Twitter account promised that the currency would regain its value. HitBTC started its initiative, offering support projects that are helping with efforts to cure and combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, at the end of March.

  • The cold storage or cold wallet is provided by platforms to safely store away assets that belong to their customers, and it is protected from thieves.
  • Aspire improves on speed, cost, and security for creating both fungible and non-fungible tokens.
  • HitBTC has always believed in the consensus of their traders and customers.
  • Leverage trading allows you to leverage x1, x25, x50, x75 and x100 your initial trade.
  • You are not even required to provide any details at all, as you do not have to register before you start trading.
  • The Exchange tab also provides a look into the current market state and allows you to see the latest sales made on HitBTC, the order book, and other information.

The fact that you’re constantly moving in and out of the market as a swing trader means you can identify more trading opportunities. If you take a look at the financial chart, you’ll notice that in most cases there’s a clear long-term trend but the market might not stay at the support or resistance levels. Additionally, swing trading is mostly based on technical analysis and that usually provides them with a specific point that serves as an indicator cryptocurrency that their trade might go south. Just like any other type of trading, swing trading also has its limitations. For example, it’s important to remember that the market doesn’t always submit to support and resistance levels even though it points at them at certain levels. Also, the fact that each trade has its own risks means that you’re risking more money than usual in swing trading. Like I’ve just said, swing traders rely on technical analysis a lot.

If you fail to do that, you will have to ask for the help of HitBTC support team to finish funding your account. HitBTC is one of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. No wonder there were numerous reviews on HitBTC here and there, but I decided to come up with my own HitBTC review as I use this platform for several years and believe that it deserves more comprehensive coverage. Traders on HitBTC do not have to struggle with current news and information.

HitBTC exchange takes flat commissions for withdrawals. It means that no matter how much you want to withdraw the exchange will charge the same amount of money . This amount gets adjusted automatically in accordance with the market prices in order to make the HitBTC users’ transactions fast. The first merit of using the HitBTC exchange is that there is no minimum amount for a deposit, and this makes it financially easy for a trader to start trading with whatever they can afford at the time. It also does not force the trader into a position where they must trade with an amount of money that they are not comfortable with at a particular time.

Author: William Edwards